2023 Bentley Bentayga offers high-tech, airline-style seat

Let’s acknowledge right upfront: It might be a tell that a luxury brand’s designers and marketers live in a different world than the masses when they decide that an airline seat should represent the pinnacle of technology and comfort. But that is what Bentley is calling its most technologically advanced and comfortable seat yet, which debuted this year as an option in the extended wheelbase version of its 2023 Bentayga crossover.

Each climate-controlled and fully adjustable “airline seat” constantly measures its occupant’s temperature and humidity and adjusts automatically to one of seven preselected comfort levels. The seats in the rear of the Bentayga EWB also feature what Bentley dubs a “postural adjustment system,” which employs 12 electric motors and multiple pneumatic valves to constantly change the way the seat interacts with its occupant, improving comfort and reducing fatigue.

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