2023 Cadillac Lyriq EV: 6 cool features


The centerpiece is a one-piece, 33-inch curved LED display, home to an infotainment screen on the right and the instrument cluster in front of the driver.

The Lyriq, like some Mercedes-Benz and BMW models, is operated by a steering column shifter — press the thin arm on the right up and down to engage drive modes. On the back deck, push the Cadillac crest and the liftgate opens. Cadillac has embraced knurling, from the vent knobs to the media controller to the central beverage storage area to the steering wheel-mounted toggles.

“We want to highlight rather than hide the cupholders,” said Tristan Murphy, the Lyriq’s interior design manager.

The power seat control levers were moved to the door to allow for wider and more comfortable seats. Even the coat hooks are all-new.

To block unwanted noise inside, the Lyriq features Cadillac’s new active noise cancellation technology via AKG speakers. Accelerometers in the four corners measure and predict road inputs and tire noise and translate them into a frequency.

“The goal is create a memorable experience throughout the vehicle,” Murphy said.

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