2023 Chevy Colorado adds horsepower, off-road prowess with redesign

The number of available off-road accessories has more than doubled from previous model years, Chevy said. More than 200 will be available at launch.

The interior features an 11.3-inch diagonal infotainment touch screen and an eight-inch diagonal instrument display.


Chevy sold 73,008 Colorado pickups in the U.S. last year and 5,571 in Canada, down 24 and 16 per cent, respectively, from a year earlier. In the United States, it ranked No. 4 in the midsize pickup segment behind the Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator, but placed third in Canada behind the Tacoma and Ranger, according to the Automotive News Research & Data Center.

U.S. Colorado sales have begun to recover this year, up 14 per cent to 44,190 through June, because of better microchip availability, making it the No. 2 seller among midsize pickups behind the Tacoma. Canadian sales are essentially flat, up 0.9 per cent to 3,265. It’s slipped to fourth place in the segment, which saw the Nissan Frontier leap ahead of it.

The introduction of the latest Colorado follows last week’s reveal of the Blazer EV, the first Ultium-powered Chevy crossover, slated to go on sale next summer.

The Colorado upgrade “is proof that we are continuing with [the internal combustion engine] commitment,” Bell said. “As thrilled and delighted as we are to break ground in the EV space, we have lots of great offerings on the ICE side of the house and will continue to have some new entries.”

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