2023 Lexus RX drops V-6, gains fuel efficiency

SANTA MARIA, Calif. — As the longtime leader of the midsize luxury crossover segment, the Lexus RX, moves away from V-6 engines and leans more heavily toward electrification, the luxury brand is estimating the take rate on new hybrid variants will be about 30 percent.

Unlike with the small, entry-level UX crossover, Lexus is not going all-hybrid with the RX. Instead, it will continue to offer a variety of powertains — gasoline, gasoline-electric hybrid and a new plug-in hybrid — in similar style to the compact NX.

“We’re listening to [RX] customers, and they still want the gas [version],” said Mackenzie Richter, Lexus product marketing senior planner, during a media presentation here. “But we’re offering more electric alternatives.”

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