2024 BMW 4 Series-based M 3.0 CSL a homage to 1970s model

The M rollouts keep coming as BMW celebrates the 50th anniversary of its high-performance brand in 2022.

The latest exclusive model — the 4 Series-based 2024 M 3.0 CSL — pays homage to a classic 1970s coupe.

It joins the XM crossover introduced this year and the original M1 supercar to form some of the rarest company in BMW history.

The original 3.0 CSL — for coupe, sport and lightweight — was a race car created for German Touring circuits. It was built from 1972 to 1975, dominated the European Touring Car Series and captured six championships. It was called the Batmobile because of its huge, flared fenders and rear wing.

The newest one is billed as a driver’s car version of the M4.

BMW says it will hand-build just 50 M 3.0 CSLs and that each will take about three months to build, making it the most exclusive model the brand has produced.

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