A duck, dinosaurs and even some cars headed to Detroit auto show

The world’s largest rubber duck and Fred Flintstone’s car will be coming to Detroit next month for the revival of the city’s auto show.

Other attractions lined up for the show, which has been on hiatus since 2019, include life-size dinosaurs, monster trucks and jet suit demonstrations over the Detroit River.

The giant duck — 61 feet tall and weighing 30,000 pounds — is tied to a social media-driven phenomenon called “Duck Duck Jeep,” in which Jeep owners place (normal size) rubber ducks on other Jeeps.

The Flintmobile, built for the 1994 film The Flintstones, will be on loan from LeMay – America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Wash. It will be displayed as part of the Dinosaur and Off-Road Vehicle Encounter, a walk-through experience being set up in the convention center’s ballroom. Show officials, in a statement, called the dino diorama “a perfect complement to the rugged off-road SUVs and trucks on display.”

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