Aston Martin future product: A pivot amid turmoil

Valhalla: Aston’s first V-8, midengine, plug-in hybrid supercar could debut next year, with the first deliveries coming in early 2024. It could have a pair of electric motors and a total horsepower rating over 800.

DB11: A freshening, likely late next year, will see a new interior with a touch screen and exterior cosmetic updates. Power from the Mercedes-Benz-derived engines is expected to increase.

DBS: A freshened version is expected to debut this year, with sales expected to start in the first half of next year. The interior will be new as well as the front fascia. More power is expected from the Mercedes-Benz V-12, currently rated at 715 hp.

Vantage: The V-8-powered coupe and roadster should see a bump in power for 2023, along with a revamped interior and a freshened front end. Sales are expected to start in the second half of next year for the freshened vehicle. A limited run of 333 V-12 models, also arriving then, is already sold out.

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