Audi designer works in Germany but draws strength from Canada

“Nowadays, we also carry a much more diverse skill set than ever before,” using a suite of software to develop 3D models, then render and animate them, he said. And with concept cars such as Audi’s Grandsphere, Battersby’s team is showing how the use of sustainable materials “can elevate the product and not detract from the performance.”

Battersby’s career began after he earned an industrial-design certificate in 2006 from Humber College in Toronto. It was an experience he called a “great gateway” into automotive. He created store displays for clients, such as Nike and Sears, but longed to get into vehicle design.

Using a hockey metaphor, Battersby said that what you do “off the ice” will drive your success during the game.

“From an early age, I was always building, tinkering, designing in my free time, and that pure expression shouldn’t stop just because you graduated design school.”

Battersby and his wife return to Canada a couple of times a year to catch up with friends and family. He said he loves to see how Toronto is constantly evolving and growing in cultural diversity. Although Battersby has lived in Europe for 13 years, he is Canadian through and through.

“Canadians are few and far between in the car design business,” he said, “so I always knew in everything I do, I’m sort of representing the country. That is definitely something I am proud of.”

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