Audi lineup to remain fresh amid EV transition

Q8/SQ8/RS Q8: The freshened two-row sportback crossover is due to arrive in the U.S. in the second half of 2023, when it will get a 12-volt mild-hybrid system to improve fuel economy and driver-assistance and infotainment upgrades.

Q7/SQ7: The redesign of Audi’s three-row crossover has slipped to 2025, when it will get a mild-hybrid system and driver-assistance and other safety upgrades, as well as the brand’s latest infotainment offerings.

Q5/SQ5: The Q5 family of midsize crossovers is due for a final redesign in 2025, which would take its life cycle to 2033, given the brand’s traditional product cadence.

Q3: A redesign of the compact crossover is expected in 2024 and will likely include the addition of a mild-hybrid system.A8/S8: A freshened A8, delayed by COVID-19, arrived this year. The big luxury sedan is expected to get an extended run-out before production ends.

A7/S7/RS 7: Audi’s fastback sedan is expected to be freshened in 2025.

A6/S6: A freshened Audi A6 midsize sedan lineup arrives in the U.S. in the second half of 2022, with upgraded driver-assistance technologies as well as improved infotainment offerings, along with styling changes and a mild-hybrid system.

A5/S5/RS 5: The A5 family will be redesigned in 2024 for one last full product cycle and will keep the 12-volt mild-hybrid system it received for the 2021 model year. The redesign is expected to include improved infotainment and Audi’s latest digital cockpit as well as added safety and driver-assistance features.

A4/S4/A4 Allroad: As with the A5, the A4 family will be redesigned for one final product cycle, in 2024, adding safety features as well as improved infotainment and user interfaces in the cockpit. Expect the 12-volt mild-hybrid system to stay.

A3/S3/RS 3: The redesigned A3 sedan went on sale in 2021, and it won’t be due for a freshening until 2025.

R8: The V-10 supercar won’t be V-10-powered for long. Audi is hinting that the R8 name might live on in another high-performance form — one powered by batteries. But the timing for such an electric-powered supercar is unclear. Look for its current run to be extended before the R8 blasts off into the sunset sometime mid-decade.

TT/TTS/TT RS: Brand leaders say they want to extend the two-seat sport coupe in some form, but the current version is expected to live on until production ends mid-decade.

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