BMW, Amazon collaborate on next-gen voice assistant

Q: How does the Alexa platform help BMW improve its voice assistant technology?

A: The Alexa tech stack is the next step in improving the BMW [Intelligent] Personal Assistant. It enables an even more natural dialogue between driver and vehicle so that drivers can stay focused on the road.

What new capabilities are achieved by building BMW’s next-generation voice assistant on Alexa technology?

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will work more seamlessly with the Alexa experience that customers use today. That includes controlling music, managing smart home [devices] remotely, adding items to a shopping list or checking the weather.

We can imagine seeing many more features in the future. But that’s a story for later.

What are the benefits for BMW from a product development standpoint?

We are integrating the best aspects of all worlds. That could be our in-house development, open-source or commercial software products, depending on the specific solution.

We make sure our customers enjoy a unique, customized digital experience in their vehicle. That drives development.

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