BMW boss predicts big infotainment screens will vanish

LAS VEGAS — Automakers are racing to wallpaper the dashboard with high-definition infotainment displays.

BMW Group boss Oliver Zipse thinks it’s a mistake and believes the trend will be short-lived.

“Driver distraction is the main source of accidents — it’s not fast driving,” Zipse said at a media briefing at CES 2023.

Zipse said he is “absolutely convinced” that center console-based screens that require drivers to look away from the road will soon be history.

“In 10 years, that is gone,” Zipse said. “Probably the regulator will not allow it.”

BMW is planning for Zipse’s prediction to pan out.

At CES, the automaker teased head-up display technology that projects information across the windshield.

Current head-up displays project a small field of view. Expanding the field of view can create a more immersive experience and deliver critical driving information in the driver’s natural line of sight, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road.

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