Bosch uses AI at South Carolina plant to design new e-motors

Q: How is Bosch using AI in the e-motor design and production process?

A: We have a design approach where we aren’t defining exactly what the product is. But we are defining the fundamental technology package that will be included in the product, whatever the design ends up being. That’s reflected in the manufacturing line setup. It gives us enough flexibility on design to meet a customer’s key performance metrics.

Design is where the artificial intelligence can come in. We’ll do different designs, and in-house tools that we developed, coupled with AI, help us to pick the optimal design to meet customers’ key performance metrics. It will help us reduce the number of design iterations, which ultimately accelerates the development process. The development cycle in this space is much faster than what we’ve seen in the past.

What are some of the key performance indicators that automakers are looking for?

Different customers can focus on different KPIs, but efficiency is really important in a BEV.

Cost and the performance are important, meaning how much torque or power this delivers as part of the power density. And obviously, everybody would like to have a compact device.

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