Buick-GMC dealership finds recruiting female workers pays off

Now the dealership, which sold 1,005 new vehicles and 1,276 used vehicles last year, has female representation in every department. For Yates-Woods, connecting with employees, male or female, is a priority. She routinely asks about their satisfaction with their jobs and their long-term plans and goals.

Eileen Miller, a human resources manager who had been with the dealership for eight years, went part time when her kids were born. When she came back full time, she wasn’t feeling motivated in her previous role. Yates-Woods promoted her to HR director, which took her beyond clerical duties and gave her more employee-facing responsibilities.

“She’s one of those examples where I thought maybe we’re going to lose her,” Yates-Woods said. “But then when she came back and she had this promotion, it was empowering. Now I could see her doing something even more.”

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