Cadillac nears the end for gas powered models

“Some of those ICE vehicles that are scheduled to drop away in that ’25, ’26, ’27 time period, we might actually see them … extending their lives a little bit longer,” said Stephanie Brinley, principal automotive analyst at S&P Global Mobility. “The timing is so fluid.”

The cadence of Cadillac’s EV launches and internal combustion demise will depend on a variety of factors, said Jeff Schuster, president of global forecasting at LMC Automotive, such as the economy at launch time, infrastructure, battery availability and pricing.

“They can adjust any kind of build out and ramp up accordingly,” he said.

Cadillac will give its EVs names ending in “iq,” as introduced this year on the Lyriq. The Celestiq sedan is slated to go on sale next year, followed by electric crossovers and sedans from 2024 through 2026. The electric Escalade is expected to be called the Escalade IQ. Cadillac has trademarked the names Optiq, Symboliq, Ascendiq, Lumistiq and Vistiq.

Escalade IQ/IQL: Electric versions of the Escalade (to be called the IQ) and Escalade ESV (IQL) SUVs are expected in 2024 and 2025, respectively. They likely will be built at Factory Zero in Detroit.

Large electric crossover: A large electric crossover will launch in 2024. It is expected to be built at Spring Hill Assembly in Tennessee, alongside the Lyriq.

Lyriq: A freshen of the new midsize electric crossover, Cadillac’s first EV, is expected in late 2025. The update likely will center on software and feature changes. Most dealers began taking deliveries this summer. Cadillac opened the order banks for the 2024 Lyriq last month after the 2023 debut model sold out.

Compact electric crossover: Cadillac is expected to launch an electric crossover, similar in size to the XT4, in late 2024. It will be built at Ramos Arizpe Assembly in Mexico.

Celestiq: Cadillac’s flagship electric sedan is expected to go on sale next year. It will be hand-built in small quantities at GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Mich. GM plans to invest $81 million to build the Celestiq at the tech center, which has been GM’s engineering and design hub since the 1950s. GM expects that the Celestiq will have the highest volume of 3D-printed materials of any GM production vehicle.

It plans to 3D-print more than 100 parts, including structural and cosmetic items made of polymer and metal.

Large/compact electric sedans: Electric sedans to replace the CT4 and CT5 are expected to go on sale in 2026. They will be built at GM’s Lansing Grand River Assembly in Michigan.

Escalade/Escalade ESV: The Escalade full-size SUV and the longer ESV will be freshened in 2024 after a redesign for the 2021 model year. The updates likely will focus on cosmetic changes. Next year, Cadillac will begin selling the 2023 Escalade-V Series performance variant.

XT6: Cadillac’s largest crossover will get a cosmetic freshen in 2023 before ending production in 2025.

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