Canadian Automobile Dealers Association names Charles Bernard its new economist

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) has named Charles Bernard its new lead economist.

Bernard replaces Oumar Dicko, who left the CADA in September 2021 after three years in the post.

Bernard has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Policy Studies with a focus on political economy from the University of Sherbrooke. Bernard also earned a Master of Arts in the same field, researching the political dynamics of economic integration and the institutional influence of trade agreements on national policy making.

He is also an alumnus of the Parliamentary Internship Program, in which only 10 students participate on an annual basis.

“While in the program, he led policy research and briefings for the committee work for two well-known Members of Parliament,” the CADA said in a statement. “Bernard experienced the highest-level public policy training in Canada, which contributed to his strong economic data analysis and research skills.”

In his Masters dissertation, Bernard examined how the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement affected the economic interests of Canadian trade and the digital economy.

His research in the automotive industry also includes the paper “Make America Great Again: A New Auto Pact for the North American Car Industry.”

“We are extremely happy to welcome Charles to CADA, where his skills and insight will make him a valuable member of the association,” CADA CEO Tim Reuss said in a statement.

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