Canadians less likely than Americans to consider EV purchases, study finds

While Canada has a federal EV rebate worth up to $5,000, only British Columbia and Quebec offer additional sizeable provincial rebates, upwards of $7,000 in Quebec beginning July 1, 2022. That’s down $1,000 from the previous maximum rebate of $8,000.

In the United States, the federal EV tax credit remains in effect for up to $7,500. At least eight states, including California and New York, offer rebates of at least $2,000 on top of the federal incentive.

B.C. and Quebec residents are the most likely to consider buying EVs.

The rate of EV consideration is highest in B.C., where 59 per cent of consumers indicated interest in EV ownership while 50 per cent of Quebec residents said the same.

Residents in Ontario (47 per cent), on the Prairies (38 per cent) and in Atlantic Canada residents (35 per cent) show the least interest.

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