Canadians not ready for autonomous vehicles, study finds

When it comes to learning about fully automated, self-driving vehicles, half of respondents picked online searches as the best tool. Fifty per cent went to manufacturer/developer sites, 36 per cent to online videos and 34 per cent looked for industry or academic experts.

Consumers are receptive to AV training, with 55 per cent willing to take a course to learn to operate one and more than three-quarters said they expect training would be needed to own and operate an AV.

Some 79 per cent said they wanted more information on how AV technology meets government standards to feel comfortable with it.

The study was based on responses from 4,000 vehicle owners in Canada age 18 and older who completed a 15-minute online survey in April and May this year.

J.D. Power, Partners for Automated Vehicle Education- Canada, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation and Logistics, participated in the study, supported by funding from Transport Canada.

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