CES: VW ID7 shown under camouflage

The vents then move to best cool the cabin as directed, aiming air straight at passengers or elsewhere. They also respond to voice commands, VW said. So if the driver tells the vehicle their hands are cold, the ID7 not only heats the steering wheel, but directs heated air at the driver’s hands.

To draw attention amid the glitz of Las Vegas and CES, VW has created a camouflage scheme for the ID7 that uses conductive and insulating paint layers to make different regions of the vehicle light up on demand. The electroluminescent paint and wiring, which add about 31 kilograms (70 pounds) to the display vehicle, required 40 layers of paint, engineers told sibling publication Automotive News prior to the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

The ID7 body is split into 22 zones that can be lit or unlit individually, allowing for a rolling light show. Additionally, QR codes embedded into the camouflage direct users to a website providing more information about the ID7.

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