Electric F-150 Lightnings include adapter to charge Teslas

Ford Motor Co.‘s F-150 Lightning pickups are poised to come to the rescue of any Tesla drivers in need of a jolt.

Initial owners of the model that beat the Cybertruck to market have shared images online of an adapter that came with their pickup enabling them to charge Teslas, which use plugs distinct from the rest of the auto industry. When an electric-vehicle enthusiast blog wrote last week that Ford appeared to be trolling its rival, CEO Jim Farley assured his Twitter followers that the automaker means well.

Ford has made the F-150 Lightning’s bidirectional charging capability a key selling point of the pickup, emphasizing use cases for customers who’d like to use their truck as a backup generator at worksites or for their home. Enabling EVs to both take and provide a charge has the potential to help utilities manage peaks in demand and even allow their owners to sell electricity back to the grid.

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