Flo to launch redesigned fast chargers

The Flo Ultra fast chargers will not replace Flo’s standard, utilitarian chargers. The company will continue selling both. The Flo Ultra chargers will meet the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program’s minimum standards when they launch in 2024.

In a survey of about 5,000 EV drivers, charger buyers and charger site hosts, Flo found that for EV drivers, chargers are often difficult to locate and use, and they are often occupied by other drivers. For site hosts, they can be expensive to maintain and install, Chris Thorson, chief marketing officer, told Automotive News.

The Flo Ultra chargers can be configured in a variety of ways, which gives drivers flexible parking options and simplifies installation for site hosts. The design allows drivers to charge on either side and park in parallel, back-up or pull-in positions.

The new chargers will also be lit up and have a lower profile, allowing drivers to spot them more easily from the road and to see around them when they are charging.

“Chargers were often viewed as intimidating and imposing,” said Yang. “We want all drivers to feel comfortable, safe and secure when charging and FLO Ultra’s design reflects this. This is a charger for all drivers.”

Each charger has clear prompts on an individual touch screen so drivers won’t have to share the screen with others charging at the same station. The chargers also have an onboard diagnostic system to diagnose technical issues quickly, improving uptime, a critical metric for public charging reliability and satisfaction.

Flo declined to share pricing details but said the two-charger in one charging station design will be more affordable and cheaper to design than two separate units with one charger each.

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