Ford dealer’s security cameras thwart false claims

The dealership’s service center also has a camera system specifically for big trucks. That has saved O’Reilly money on tool replacement for customers who falsely accuse service employees from stealing items out of their work trucks.

Not only is O’Reilly saving money on unwarranted scratch and dent repairs, he’s increasing revenue by upselling those customers on repairs for the issues.

He said the system also deters theft among employees and makes them more careful working around vehicles.

“Nobody can hide with the camera system,” he said. “Once they all know you can see everything, I think it helps the work efficiency also.”

O’Reilly said the system has deterred vehicle thefts on his vast lot. At all three entrances, high-definition cameras capture license plates so ownership can know who’s accessing the property at all times. The system can be set up to send text alerts to O’Reilly’s phone when anyone drives on or off the lot outside business hours.

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