Ford’s Transit Connect has so much to offer

Regarding “Ford to discontinue Transit Connect in U.S. after 2023,”, Aug. 23: I’m absolutely furious about Ford’s decision, as both a longtime company stockholder and satisfied owner of a 2014 passenger version I paid just $17,200 to acquire secondhand with minimal miles in 2017.

This Rubbermaid tote on wheels is arguably the most versatile Ford I’ve ever owned, counting two Taurus/Sable wagons and a Taurus X crossover. It touts tidy exterior dimensions with aircraft hangar-evoking interior space, terrific steering feel, a taxi-tight turning circle, 24-plus-mpg fuel economy and the sort of garage-ability and parking ease no full-size Transit van (even the smallest variants Ford proposes as substitutes) can remotely rival.

What sort of idiots quit a market segment they lead thanks to such potent product assets? It seems the ones in charge at Ford are set on callously and shortsightedly disowning every loyal customer lacking the desire, need or budget for a $50,000 Explorer or hulking F-Series pickup!

GREGG D. MERKSAMER, Publicity and media relations chair, Professional Car Society, Warwick, N.Y. The Professional Car Society is a hobbyist club for owners of vintage funeral cars, limousines and ambulances.

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