GM idling Corvette production next week in Bowling Green

General Motors’ is idling production at two plants next week: The main plant in Mexico that makes GMC and Chevrolet pick-up trucks as well as the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Both plants are halting production over supply chain and parts issues, the company said Friday.

The U.S. carmaker will suspend work beginning Aug. 29 and aims to restart Sept. 5, it added.

Production at GM’s other three full-size truck plants in North America is not impacted. The automaker’s Flint, Michigan, truck assembly plant will be operating extra shifts this weekend.

“General Motors is working actively with its base of suppliers to resolve issues as they arise to meet customer demand,” GM said in a statement.

It added that North America production has been “relatively stable” since the third quarter of last year, but supply chain interruptions have continued.

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