GM’s new small-block V-8 best powertrain for pickups and SUVs

Still, with emissions rules tightening, GM’s new small-block engine will have to run cleaner and more efficiently. The automaker hasn’t shared any details of improvements, but key suppliers such as Stanadyne say there are still ways to make a gasoline engine develop more power while emitting fewer harmful emissions.

While other suppliers, and automakers, bail out of gasoline engines, Stanadyne is investing heavily in fuel injectors, exhaust gas recirculation valves, air management components and other parts for internal combustion engines.

Michael Franke, senior vice president for engine and hybrid powertrains at FEV North America, says next-generation engines such as GM’s will need to run cleaner at cold start-up. And despite all the money automakers are spending on electrification, FEV, Franke says, still does major testing and development on internal combustion engines.

Until battery technology advances to where it can enable an electric truck to meet or beat the performance and price of a gasoline or diesel truck, don’t expect the gasoline or diesel engine to disappear.

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