Here’s the track-only McLaren Solus GT hypercar. It’ll cost an estimated $3 million to $4 million

McLaren designed the Solus GT to be lightweight and aerodynamically efficient.

The engine is integrated into the chassis — a first for a McLaren production car. Common in race car construction, this reduces weight by eliminating the need for additional chassis structures or subframes behind the carbon-fiber monocoque.

The car features a motorsports-inspired intake above the cockpit that feeds cold air into the engine.

A fixed rear wing delivers more than 2,645 pounds of downforce, ensuring the vehicle stays planted as it hurtles at triple-digit speeds.

3D-printed titanium components for the halo cockpit protection structure and roll hoop further trim weight.

The wheels are shrouded in aerodynamic pods and located by suspension arms. A large front splitter feeds air into ground-effect tunnels before it exits the car via a full diffuser.

The Solus GT does not sport McLaren’s signature dihedral doors. Instead, the cockpit canopy slides forward through a shallow arc — fighter jet-style — to allow access to the single seat. Sadly, the Top Gun soundtrack is not included.

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