Honda rubs dealers the right way with its EV approach

Honda Canada told Automotive News Canada it will sell the initial supply of the Prologue in B.C., Quebec and Ontario because B.C. and Quebec have consumer rebates and enforceable sales mandates for EVs, while southern Ontario has broad EV charging infrastructure. B.C. also has the highest EV adoption rate in Canada, with EVs making up 17.5 per cent of new passenger vehicle sales so far, according to the province.

“In B.C., Ontario and Quebec, 94 per cent of Honda dealers are on board” with upgrading now for EV sales and service, Mori said. “Those that are abstaining are simply doing so for timing reasons.”

In a recent interview, Honda Canada President Jean Marc Leclerc said the company wants to ensure that Honda and Acura EV buyers have the best possible initial experience. Acura will bring the battery-electric ZDX utility vehicle to market in 2024, he said. Acura, a Honda division also overseen by Leclerc, expects its 51 dealerships in Canada to make the upgrades for EV sales and service.

The ZDX and the Prologue are co-developed with GM and are underpinned by the automaker’s BEV3 platform and its Ultium battery and drive systems.

“People cannot have a bad experience with an EV because that will really delay the progress that we’re expected to make,” Leclerc said.

“So, we’re really working very closely with the [federal] government to make sure that this happens [by ensuring support structures, such as a comprehensive charging network, are in place]. We’ve got to invest the dollars that are required to position us to be successful in the future.”

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