How Acura uses pop culture to reach younger, diverse U.S. consumers

Humphrey, a Pontiac, Mich., native who is of Puerto Rican descent, has been with American Honda for 18 years — the last seven to eight of them in marketing. She said her personal experience and career background are hugely instrumental in informing her role today.

“Growing up in a diverse city like Pontiac with a large, extended family spending every holiday and celebration together, played a huge role in my understanding of the importance of culture and family,” she said. “Puerto Rican culture, music, food, were part of everything our family did growing up, and being able to share those experiences with friends and learn about other cultures and traditions while living in Pontiac greatly shaped my understanding of diverse cultures.

“My first opportunity to be in advertising with a background of market research, was actually in Honda’s multicultural marketing department,” she said. “That was where I had the opportunity to work in multicultural marketing. And I felt like for me personally, it’s coming full circle with my career, or just my personal life.”

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