Humanizing the auto industry aim of video series

The duo, who run the auto retail content creation company Automotive State of the Union, hope to make seven more episodes. They will film the second episode in Atlanta this month.

The pilot was sponsored by TrueCar, an online vehicle marketplace. To fund the remainder of the season, Daly and Mountsier aim to raise $500,000 through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The campaign launched the first week of June.

Daly and Mountsier are looking to build bridges within dealerships by highlighting the stories of both salespeople and service advisers.

Daly said there are often misconceptions about what the service department does and advisers’ role in creating a positive customer experience. In the pilot, Daly and Mountsier intentionally included stories from both sides, including that of a service team that rescued a family’s vacation with speedy service on their broken-down RV.

“We knew that we had to go into the fixed operations part and give them the credit that is due,” Daly said. “Truthfully, some of the best stories are coming from the fixed ops department.” Daly and Mountsier hope this is just the beginning.

“The real goal is to get distribution for the show through a major distribution channel,” Daly said. “The heart of the show is to get it outside of the industry.”

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