Hyundai has received more federal ZEV incentives than any automaker in 2022

At the halfway point of the year, iZEV rebates were applied to 7,299 Hyundai vehicles and 7,054 Teslas, according to data supplied by Transport Canada, bumping Tesla out of the first position for the first time since January. The Hyundai numbers include plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).

Totals are based on the date the iZEV claim is submitted to Transport Canada, which occurs after the vehicle has been delivered to the consumer and the incentive has been applied at the point-of-sale.

In June, Hyundai delivered 613 eligible Konas and 510 Ioniq 5s, plus 157 Tucson and 80 Sante Fe PHEVs. Tesla delivered 205 eligible Model 3s, a sharp decline from the 1,139 it shipped in May. A Model 3 price hike in November put the vehicle above the eligibility thresholds.

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