Hyundai Mobis introduces cockpit concept COMFI

The art of future cockpits is not just a rethinking of one or two components, but a melding together of several technologies, seen here in COMFI — a cockpit concept that South Korean supplier Hyundai Mobis unveiled this year that stands for “convenient, comfortable, optimized, mobile, functional and illuminated.”

In addition to supplying finished cockpits, Mobis makes a wide range of products that already interact with the cockpit, including airbags, headlights, brake systems, steering parts, multimedia systems, instrument panels and front-end modules. COMFI proposes an integration of the technologies, with such features as a pop-up steering wheel, a retractable table to give passengers a quick work surface, sliding side mirrors, a movable controller and display screen, and 3D pattern lighting to create a futuristic ambiance in the cabin.

“As autonomous car technologies are being deployed at a larger scale, the linchpin of automotive control is the shift from human drivers to the system,” the company said of its thinking for the concept.

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