Jeep Recon, Wagoneer S land in 2024

“That’s quite remarkable, because you see that the flavours of these two vehicles is quite different,” Meunier said. “Customer targets are extremely different. One is really an adventure machine; the other one is more of a reinvention of the American modern icon — high performance, very fast, very premium. Very different customers, but at the same time, the underpinnings are pretty much common. The platform is the same. The battery packs are the same.”

Meunier said being part of Stellantis allows the brand to capitalize on engineering and design resources, software and “all the horsepower that we need to basically accelerate electrification and keep the Jeep DNA intact, because that’s what really matters.”

In addition to the electric Recon and Wagoneer S vehicles, Jeep is planning to launch Wagoneer 4xe plug-in hybrids in 2024 that have a combined battery and gasoline range of 500 miles.

Jeep says it will introduce four fully electric SUVs in North America and Europe by 2025. The brand projects that, by 2030, EVs will account for half of its U.S. deliveries and all of its sales in Europe.

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