Lucid rolls out its entry-level Air Pure EV

NEWARK, Calif. — The entry-level version of Lucid Motors’ Air sedan — the Air Pure — will come with 410 miles of range and a sticker that better competes with rival EVs from Tesla and Mercedes-Benz.

The launch edition of the Air Pure will feature two electric motors and all-wheel drive, with 480 horsepower to sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds, Lucid said Tuesday. The sedan can add 200 miles of range in 15 minutes when connected to a high-power EV charger.

“Pure is our entry level, but we kind of consider it the hero of the group because it’s been the beneficiary of all the development of the high-end cars,” Derek Jenkins, senior vice president of design and brand, told Automotive News.

“I’m proud of the fact that the car looks good in its base trim and we’ll bring that into the marketplace at a real value, with top-of-the-line range and the fastest charging,” Jenkins said in an interview last week.

The dual-motor Air Pure will be joined next year by a single-motor, rear-drive version. The single-motor Pure will start at $89,050 with shipping. Lucid said the dual-motor Air Pure will start at $94,550 with shipping, but the first ones off the production line will have options that push the price to $100,550.

On the Lucid website, the launch edition of the Pure comes with awd for $5,500 extra and a $4,000 stereo upgrade for $98,550 with shipping. Versions with a single motor and standard stereo are available next year.

Lucid also introduced the higher-level Air Touring trim and will deliver the first vehicles Tuesday night at an event in Los Angeles, the company said. The Air Touring starts at $109,050, including shipping.

The Touring comes standard with dual motors and awd, 620 horsepower and 420 miles of range. Lucid estimates acceleration to 60 mph at 3.4 seconds.

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