Next Honda Accord spotted touting new design cues

Honda’s 11th-generation Accord is scheduled to be revealed near the end of the year as a 2024 model with styling that remains sporty. The midsize sedan has been spotted undergoing road tests, and certain exterior changes appear to align it more closely with the 11th-generation Civic that debuted for the 2022 model year.

The compact Civic heralded a new styling direction for Honda that’s more driver-centric and minimalist, including cleaner lines, a longer hood and a revised upright grille. The Civic and Accord remain core models for Honda even as cars increasingly lose favour amid North Americans’ growing preference for utility vehicles.

Canadian sales of the Accord dipped 1.1 per cent in 2021, down to 6,403, making it the second best-selling midsize car, behind the Toyota Camry, but out of the Top 10 when it comes to all cars. sales through May are 17.7 per cent. U.S. sales of the Accord rose 1.6 per cent to 202,676 last year, making it the No. 4 seller among all cars. U.S. deliveries slumped 26 per cent to 69,893 this year through May as Honda prioritizes newer models such as the latest Civic and more profitable light trucks.

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