Nissan-Subaru dealer fosters inside talent with training

The total program can be completed in less than four years and consists of seven levels.

“When it comes to the time frame, that’s really dependent on the person,” Wright said. “You can go through it quicker if you have the skills and you take the time and when you come in to work you’re focused and ready to go.”

The first level, known as the express level, lasts about six months. It involves training in vehicle health inspection, oil changes and tire rotations; employees earn $12 an hour.

The second and third levels are full express and express team lead, respectively. Both positions include a $500 tool bonus and pay $13 to $15 an hour.

Full express lasts around six months and includes training on filters, battery inspections and tire repairs. Express team lead takes approximately 90 days and consists of training replacements and assisting main shop technicians.

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