Porsche to offer auto insurance to its Canadian customers

Porsche Financial Services Canada will now offer Porsche buyers auto insurance, brokered by Aon.

Porsche Insurance is a customized insurance program developed specifically through the partnership between the automaker and Aon for vehicles offered by the premium sports car brand.

Porsche Canada says “drivers [will be able to] design personalized insurance solutions tailored to their unique needs.”

The Porsche Insurance program also offers the opportunity to bundle auto insurance with supplementary products, such as home insurance, for further discount eligibility.

Coverage ensures automaker replacement parts will be used to repair vehicles in the event of a claim and, where applicable, will be fixed by Porsche-trained technicians at brand-approved facilities. 

While their vehicle is undergoing a claim repair, Porsche customers will be provided with a comparable loaner vehicle. 

In the event of total loss or theft within 24 months of a new vehicle’s purchase date, Porsche drivers would receive the original purchase price of the vehicle – not a depreciated value.

Neither Porsche Financial Services Canada or Aon disclosed costs of the policies.

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