Ram future product: ProMaster EV, electric 1500 pickup

ProMaster: The large van will get an electric variant in 2023. The 2023 ProMaster that debuted this year features a restyled front fascia and now offers three roof heights, including a new “super-high” configuration.

ProMaster City: Production for the smallest Ram van ends after the 2022 model.

2500/3500: Redesigns are not expected until around 2027.

1500: Ram will unveil its electric 1500 concept, set to go on sale in 2024, at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. A version with a range-extending gasoline engine may arrive around the same time.

For the 2023 model, pickups equipped with the 12-inch Uconnect 5 touch screen include an Emergency Vehicle Alert System, which warns drivers when a firetruck or ambulance is approaching. The previous-generation 1500 Classic is slated to continue production through 2023.

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