Rivian future product: New entries on track

Analysts say this will keep the company occupied for a while, but there are some obvious moves Rivian could take, including producing a competitor to the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco, on its R1 platform.

On the commercial van side of the business, Rivian has said it will make three sizes of its EDV for Amazon to accommodate 500, 700 and 900 cubic feet of cargo space. It could eventually make vans with a different design for other clients.

R1T: Rivian’s highly regarded R1T was the first entry in the new electric pickup segment. But unlike the Ford F-150 Lightning, the R1T is a midsize lifestyle pickup — more for outdoor adventure than construction duty.

The R1T is already being updated with new interior colors, materials and software functions that weren’t ready at launch. Rivian is also developing its own electric motors and will offer a less expensive lithium-iron battery. The company is delivering the four-motor configuration with a large battery pack but will have less expensive two-motor versions with both smaller and larger packs by 2024.

The EV maker first has to work through its preorder backlog of nearly 100,000 R1T and R1S vehicles, in addition to producing the EDV for Amazon, which has a separate order for 100,000 vans.

Among all three, Rivian expects to make only about 25,000 vehicles this year, but that should improve. The company hopes to eventually reach its 150,000-vehicle annual capacity at its plant in Normal, Ill.

AutoPacific expects an R1T freshening in 2024 for the 2025 model year. But as with Tesla, some of those updates may be spread out across multiple years as the startup works out its vehicle ramp. A next generation could come by the end of the decade.

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