Seizing opportunities for process automation in dealerships

Opportunities for automation in dealerships

Consider the following examples of potential tasks in your dealership that could be made more efficient through RPA:

Service: When customers come in for maintenance, RPA can help you set up automated reminders for timeline-based service (e.g. when tires or break pads will need to be replaced). You can build a profile for what the customer may need, and reach out to them, with less human involvement.

Finance: Your accounts receivable and accounts payable departments can leverage RPA to reduce time spent on manual and repetitive tasks. These could include invoice generation and management, three-way matching, reconciliation, data entry, and more. The software can even be adapted to enter data dynamically, with error handling, without needing supervision.

Human resources: Like most organizations, a dealership is often asked to provide answers to repetitive employee queries, including details about their reimbursements, tax deductions, monthly payslips, leave balance, etc. These processes often require human intervention and thus consume unnecessary time. AI-powered HR workflow automation can action these routine processes, thereby making the processes super-efficient and smooth.

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