Stellantis stops Jeep production in Italy again due to chip shortage

Stellantis confirmed the plant would stop operations between June 6-11 due to a chip shortage, a spokesman for the automaker told Reuters.

UILM’s Lomio said the new stoppage, affecting almost all of Melfi’s more than 7,000 workers, adds to a holiday period already scheduled for most of Stellantis’ operations in the country starting on Thursday with Italy’s Republic Day, Lomio said.

“Basically the plant will stop operations on Thursday to reopen only on (Monday) June 13,” he said.

Stellantis builds the Fiat 500X small crossover, Jeep Renegade small crossover and Jeep Compass compact crossover in Melfi.

The automaker plans to build four midsize segment full-electric vehicles for its different brands in Melfi starting in 2024, underpinning them with its new full-electric STLA medium platform, the FIM-CISL and UILM unions said last month.

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