Technology and style boost Hyundai’s value

Kevin Reilly, Hyundai National Dealer Council chairman, said the brand is well along in its journey to what he calls a valuable brand.

“The way Hyundai provides value to customers is not so much having a lower transaction price,” said Reilly, “but what it gives customers in terms of styling and content for that particular dollar.”

He said Hyundai’s 10-year warranty has been instrumental in wooing customers from Toyota, Honda, Nissan and others.

Reilly, whose father opened one of the first U.S. Hyundai stores in 1986, doesn’t think the company’s move upmarket will leave the door open for new value brands to establish a foothold.

He is not worried it will present China’s rising auto industry — which is now selling globally in Europe, South America and Asian countries — with an opening.

“I would say emphatically no,” Reilly said. “Just knowing the passion that drives the whole Hyundai network, from Korea to America, and how forward-thinking they are, they never sleep.

“I can text [Hyundai COO] Jose Muñoz on a Sunday and he’ll text me right back,” he said. “They work 24/7 and they are committed to delivering the best product in the marketplace.”

Hyundai’s long winning streak has transcended market segments, trends, price brackets and, more importantly, perceptions.

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