Tesla, VW future products: EV kings expect to expand reigns

For VW, the big question is how many EVs can the automaker localize into its plant in Chattanooga — or in Puebla, Mexico — to capitalize on new federal tax credits that won’t be available for its EVs that continue to be built in Europe.

VW will have at least four EVs in-market by the end of 2026 — a compact crossover, a sedan, a minivan and a three-row crossover — though the ID Aero sedan and ID Buzz minivan seem destined to remain imported from Europe at least for now.

Meanwhile the German brand continues to run out the clock, or reset it in the case of the Tiguan, on its still-popular lineup of gasoline-powered vehicles as it continues its transition to an all-EV future.

As for Tesla, watching its fans wait for promised vehicles outside the brand’s Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y lineup is becoming something of a sport among industry observers.

The Cybertruck, Roadster and Semi could find their way to buyers starting as early as next year — or not.

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