The APMA looks past the parts to connect with people

Project Arrow is proving to be more than just a vehicle to showcase Canada’s automotive and high-tech know-how. It is spurring creativity and vision not only among the industry’s established players but also, more important, budding engineers, designers and programmers who represent the sector’s future.

Project Arrow, launched in 2019 by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA), invited post-secondary students to compete in a design contest as part of the APMA’s bid to build a made-in-Canada connected, zero-emission concept vehicle.

The winners, announced in October 2020, were four students from Ottawa’s Carleton School of Industrial Design. The entry drew inspiration from Canada’s natural beauty and three values — freedom, stability and simplicity — as well as the shape of a polar bear. The vehicle appears lighter at the front and heavier in the rear. “One of the things that drew me to the project was that it would be the first Canadian car,” Mina Morcos, one of the design team members, said at the time. “And one of the things we really had to think about was how to represent Canada with something physical, try to take those Canadian values and distill them into something we can all kind of identify with.”

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