Used-vehicle sector prepares for influx of EVs

Readying the used-vehicle industry to absorb technology-saturated electric vehicles will require time, patience and lots of elbow grease on wholesalers’ parts.

Regular readers of Automotive News are no doubt aware of the scale of the actions automakers and suppliers are taking right now to bolster design, production and parts output for EVs. Automakers’ all-electric or partial-electric plans and President Joe Biden’s push for an EV future recently dominated discussions at the Detroit auto show. People in the industry, especially dealers, closely monitor what manufacturers are (or aren’t) doing to shed some or all of their internal combustion engine lineups in favor of electric or plug-in hybrid offerings.

Covering the used-car market and the remarketing side of the business is fascinating for the simple reason that I’m gaining a clearer picture of what complications arise when those cars shift from their new and shiny phase into the used part of their life cycle. In the last month, I’ve garnered insight from wholesale auctions leaders, dealers and other used-vehicle business leaders alike on what they still need to do to scale their operations to address what they now see as the inevitable influx of used EVs.

It won’t be just a matter of preparing employees for EV batteries and how to charge them.

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