Vietnamese EV maker VinFast poised to open first of 30 California showrooms

VinFast also plans an unusual sales model that separates the vehicle purchase from the EV battery. At launch, buyers will choose from two battery-lease plans at an extra cost.

“By separating the price of the battery from the acquisition value of the automobile, VinFast takes on all the risks related to the vehicle’s battery and ensures a reasonable price for its products,” the company said in a press release earlier this year.

Analysts have pointed out that EV makers already offer long battery warranties that transfer to future owners. And the combination of VinFast vehicle payments and battery-lease payments may not represent much savings.

Prices start at $40,700 for the base VF 8 and $48,000 for the top trim, not including shipping. The VF 9 starts at $55,500 for the base and $61,000 for the top trim. Those prices are subject to change, according to VinFast’s U.S. website.

The battery lease comes on top of that.

For drivers who don’t rack up a lot of miles, VinFast is offering a flexible plan with a monthly battery subscription of $35 for the VF 8 and $44 for the VF 9. The price includes 310 miles of use.

After that, VinFast will charge 11 cents a mile for the VF 8 and 15 cents for the VF 9.

For unlimited miles, the battery lease will cost $110 a month for the VF 8 and $160 a month for the VF 9. To encourage orders this year, VinFast will freeze the monthly cost of the unlimited plan over the vehicle’s lifetime, the automaker said.

VinFast has said a purchase option including the battery will come in the near future.

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