VinFast Canada to offer free EV charging, at-home chargers to new buyers

The second charging offer is the VinFast Level-2 Home Charger valued at $849 and a $1,000 credit towards home installation carried out by Qmerit, which is VinFast Canada’s installation partner. 

VinFast says its home charger can charge 40 per cent faster than the standard mobile charger and provides features such as adjustable charging speeds, Wi-Fi connectivity and “a host of additional smart features currently in development.” The automaker didn’t elaborate.

Along with the charging perks, all customers reserving under the VinFast Charged-Up program will also receive a free one-year VinFast Smart Driving package, “including Level 2+ ADAS and Smart Services suite.”

The premium package includes, but is not limited to: automated lane changing assist, smart parking assist, remote parking assist, over the air updates, voice assistants (including Cerence and Alexa), geo-fencing, time-fencing, live traffic, satellite view, in-car shopping, mobile home and office enabling virtual assistant, streaming apps, games, web browsers, smart home control, and more.

VinFast recently revealed its battery subscription pricing for the VF 8 and VF 9 utility vehicles. And, the automaker says it will eventually offer the batteries for sale with the purchase of a new vehicle.

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