VW’s EV office chair has top speed of 12 mph

It was probably just a matter of time until someone put a motor in an office chair.

That someone turned out to be Volkswagen, which built a five-wheeled vehicle for cubicle dwellers. The VW electric chair — er, that may not be the best name for it — has a top speed of 12 mph and a range of more than 7 miles. It has LED lights and turn signals, and a rearview camera to catch the boss sneaking up from behind.

It’s not available to buy, but VW says consumers will be able to take it for a test roll at select Norway dealerships.

“The chair is designed to give those who work in an office a feeling of what it’s like to have a car from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles as your workplace,” a brochure reads. “You can drive, honk, and listen to music — even signal as you take a turn into a meeting room.”

If an after-work soiree breaks out, the LEDs can be turned to Office Party Lights mode. And if the 300-cubic-inch trunk isn’t large enough, there’s a trailer hitch. There’s also a seat heater, 360-degree sensors and a stereo.

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