Why Ford blue ovals are scarce

The Blue Oval is grappling with a shortage of blue ovals.

Ford Motor Co. has had to delay shipments of some vehicles in recent weeks because it ran out of the badges that go on the front and rear, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing anonymous sources. Ford also ran low on the nameplates that specify the particular vehicle model, according to the report, which noted that high-profit F-Series pickups were among the affected inventory.

In this case, there are no microchips involved in the shortage. It’s simply another bizarre kink in the supply chain that is hindering the automaker’s business.

Ford wouldn’t comment on the issue or name the supplier. The Journal noted that Ford has previously obtained vehicle badges from Tribar Technologies, a Detroit-area company that had to limit its output after accidentally discharging toxic chemicals into a nearby waterway.

The chemical discharge prompted the state to temporarily close a number of lakes and beaches in August, and protesters vandalized the home of Tribar’s CEO.

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